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Eyelash Growth

Our Eyelash Growth class of Eye medications are used to improve norml eyelash growth and to help treat hypotrichosis, which is abnormal or inadequate eyelash growth.

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What is hypotrichosis?

Hypotrichosis is a condition where hair growth is abnormal and this can affect eyelash growth, resulting in inadequate eyelashes that are not long enough or present in insufficient numbers.

Increasing eyelash growth

Increased eyelash growth can be achieved using a medication originally intended for treating glaucoma. Bimatoprost is a synthetic analogue (mimic) of a naturally occurring chemical called prostaglandin that is thought to increase the length of the active hair growth phase. When applied to the base of the upper eyelashes, bimatoprost stimulates increased eyelash growth resulting in longer, fuller and darker eyelashes.
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