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Ilium (Dichlorophen/Lignocaine/Piperonyl/Pyrethrin 5mg/ml/5mg/ml/5mg/ml/0.5mg/ml) Ear Drops 20ml

Ilium (Dichlorophen/Lignocaine/Piperonyl/Pyrethrin 5mg/ml/5mg/ml/5mg/ml/0.5mg/ml) Ear Drops 20ml

Ilium Ear Drops 20ml

Product Price List

Product Name
Ilium (Dichlorophen/Lignocaine/Piperonyl/Pyrethrin 5mg/ml/5mg/ml/5mg/ml/0.5mg/ml) Ear Drops 20ml
Active Ingredient
Troy Laboratories Pty. Ltd.
Product Type
Product expiry date we are currently shipping
Mar 2022

Ilium contains contain dichlorophen, lignocaine, piperonyl, and pyrethrin that are used in combination to treat ear infections in cats and dogs, to prevent the spread of infection and relieve symptoms.

Ilium general information

What is Ilium used for?

External ear infections (otitis externa) in cats and dogs are typically caused by an overgrowth of microorganisms that usually live in the ears without causing any problems.  Fungal infections due to the yeast (usually Malassezia) and bacteria (usually Staphylococci, Pseudomonas) are common causes of ear infection. 

Infection often begins with an allergy, which causes irritation and makes the animal scratch the site of irritation.  This can cause a break in the skin so that infection sets in.  Other causes of ear infections are the production of too much ear wax, an underlying health condition such as diabetes or a weak immune system, or irritants in the environment. 

Ear mites

Another culprit in causing ear infection in cats and dogs is the ear mite Otodectes cynotis.  These are microscopic ectoparasites that are common inhabitants in the ears, particularly of cats but also dogs, and they live on dead skin cells, ear wax and blood.  The mites exist throughout their whole life cycle in your pet’s ears, laying eggs and depositing debris, which causes extreme irritation to the poor animal.  Ear mites spread rapidly between cats and dogs, as they are extremely contagious, but they do not appear to affect people.

Symptoms of ear infections in cats and dogs

Signs of an external ear infection often begin with local inflammation, which can be seen as redness and discharge.  The discomfort also causes the animal to shake its head, scratch its ears, or rub its ears against an object to try and relieve itching.

If untreated external ear infection can progress through to the inner ear, which is more serious and can cause pain and loss of hearing.

Ilium Ear Drops are used to treat ear infections in cats and dogs to eliminate the bacteria, yeast and ear mites, to relieve symptoms and prevent the spread of infection. 

How does Ilium work?

Ilium Ear Drops contain a combination of ingredients that are used to treat ear infections in cats and dogs to prevent the spread of infection and relieve symptoms.

Dichlorophen in Ilium Ear Drops has activity against several harmful microorganisms that can infect animals, and it is used by veterinarians for its antimicrobial, antifungal and anticestodal (kills cestode worms, or tapeworms) properties.  Dichlorophen works by weakening the cell membranes of fungi and bacteria, causing the cell contents to leak out, and this kills the microorganism and prevents it from spreading. 

Piperonyl in Ilium Ear Drops does not have any pesticide activity on its own but is known as a synergist, which means that it works in synergy with other pesticides.  Piperonyl is usually combined with pyrethrin to increase its pesticidal activity.  This combination is a highly effective treatment for ear mites and kills the adult mite by attacking its nervous system and causing paralysis.

Lignocaine in Ilium Ear Drops is a local anesthetic that is used to relieve itching, burning and pain caused by inflammation in skin due to excessive scratching at the site of infection.  It works by blocking the transmission of sensory signals and inducing numbness to the area of skin where it is applied, so that the urge to scratch is reduced, and pain is minimised. 

What does Ilium contain?

Ilium Ear Drops contain a combination of active ingredients that are used to treat ear infections in cats and dogs.  Dichlorophen (5mg/ml), Lignocaine (5mg/ml), Piperonyl butoxide (5mg/ml) and Pyrethrin (0.5mg/ml). 

When should Ilium not be used?

Some breeds of cats and dogs are more susceptible to a reaction from Ilium Ear Drops.  Discuss with your veterinarian before use.

How should Ilium be applied and for how long?

To apply Ilium Ear Drops, add 4 to 8 drops into your pet’s ear twice daily for 4 to 7 days.  Gently massage the ear after application to make sure the drops have spread evenly throughout the ear.

Since ear mites are highly contagious, all animals living in your household should be treated at the same time to prevent the spread of infection.

Missed dose of Ilium

If you miss a dose of Ilium, apply as soon as you remember, unless it is time to give the next dose, then skip the missed dose.  Do not give a double dose.

How should Ilium be stored?

You should store your Ilium below 25°C in a cool dry place. 

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