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B stress free 30 Tabs/Pack

B stress free 30 Tabs/Pack

B stress free

This product has been discontinued and we currently do not have an alternative available at this time.

Product Name
B stress free 30 Tabs/Pack
Adrenal stress support
Active Ingredient
Nutritional supplement
Good Health
Product Type
Nutritional supplement
Product expiry date we are currently shipping
Discontinued, no stock
B stress free provides adrenal stress support during times of stress, nervous tension and when your body is physically and mentally exhausted. It will support the body's response to stress and also enable recovery because of the restorative effects from the potent formulation of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals.

B stress free general information

What is B stress free used for?

B stress free is commonly used to support and improve the body’s immune system. When the body’s adrenals become exhausted, this often results in the immune system becoming depressed, which makes the body more vulnerable to catching the common cold or viral infections.

Symptoms of being stressed out which B stress free is used to help reduce include:
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Mood swings
  • Increased perspiration
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Poor concentration
  • Shaking
  • Hot flushes
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Weight gain/weight loss

How does B stress free work?

When the body’s adrenals are low it is often the result of stress. If the body’s immune system becomes depressed, you are more likely to catch a common cold or worse a viral infection such as the flu. B stress free works to target such medical conditions as Insomnia, Asthma, Headaches and Migraines, Hypertension, Angina, Stomach Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Immune Suppression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, PMS and menstrual cycle irregularities. The potent blend of ingredients help to normalize lowered adrenal function by enhancing the adrenals to resist various stressors. Ginseng and Liquorice used together assist adrenal function and metabolism while Valerian and Passion Flower herbs are combined to help calm and soothe, relieving symptoms of nervous irritation and also reducing tension and muscle spasms. The antioxidants in B stress free help protect the body against free radicals commonly known as damaging stressors. When the body is stressed there is a greater need for Vitamin C and if supplies are inadequate then the Vitamin C stores in the adrenal glands and white blood cells will drain rapidly and be depleted. The minerals Selenium, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium and Zinc all assist healthy adrenal function.

What does B stress free contain?

B stress free is a nutrient rich supplement that combines a potent blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Extracts.

Vitamins & Minerals:
Vitamin B1 50mg
Vitamin B2 16mg
Vitamin B3 100mg
Vitamin B5 100mg
Vitamin B6 25mg
Vitamin B12 30 mcg
Vitamin C 100mg
Vitamin E 28mg
Biotin 25mcg
Choline 25mg
Selenium 25mcg
Calcium 100mg
Magnesium 50mg
Manganese 200mcg
Potassium 15mg
Zinc 25mg
Herbal Extracts:
Ginseng 600mg
Liquorice 100mg
Passion Flower 75mg
Valerian 50mg

Additional Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Vegetable Oil, Magnesium (Stearate) and Silica

What are the benefits of B stress free?

During times of stress or mental exhaustion, taking B stress free provides adrenal stress support and essential nutrients for energy and wellbeing. It is a special blend of herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals specifically selected for their ability to target stress and nervous tension. The Vitamin B complex is needed for normal functioning of organs, healthy nerves and the nervous system. During times of stress and infection, the need for this complex vitamin increases. Ginseng has traditionally been used to assist recovery from mental and physical exhaustion with each tablet containing a therapeutic dose.

What are the side effects of B stress free?

When used as directed, B stress free is very safe and there are no know side effects.

How should B stress free be taken?

It is recommended that adults take 1 tablet daily with a meal or as professionally advised by your medical practitioner.

How should B stress free be stored?

Store tablets below 25°C in a cool dry place.

What are the companion products for B stress free?

You can use B stress free with High 5HTP for optimal benefits
All medicines have risks and benefits, and individual results may vary. Only purchase medicines from this site in accordance with the advice you have obtained from an appropriate medical professional.
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