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About Us is an affiliate of one of the world’s first online pharmacies, established in the late 1990's. We only supply non-restricted medicines that we source from FDA approved manufacturers. Our mission is to give you access to the same high-quality medications that you might buy at your local pharmacy, but at an affordable price.

Our Quality Assurance

We purchase either directly from the manufacturer or from reputable pharmaceutical wholesalers. All medications listed are the authentic brand names unless otherwise stated e.g. generics variants. Medications are shipped with original packaging, safety seals and registered trademarks. Packages are not repacked unless the product is sold in blister strips, in which case (this is clearly noted).

In some cases you may notice that the packaging design varies from what you are familiar with. For Example products manufactured in the United States may be packaged in bottles, whereas the same product in the United Kingdom may be packaged in "blister strips" and a box. All products on our website have a detailed product image which can be enlarged so you will know exactly what to expect on delivery.

Generic alternatives are clearly stated and only sourced from FDA approved manufacturing facilities.

Generics are offered in addition to the branded products as a more affordable alternative.

Our pledge is that our products are of the highest quality available, purchased from reputable sources.


All orders are processed and shipped directly from our facility in Port Vila, Vanuatu which is a country off the east of the coast of Australia. Orders are processed every day and shipped in most cases within 24 hours of being placed. At that time, you will receive an email with tracking information, so you will know when to expect the delivery of your order.

Delivery time will vary depending on the chosen shipping method

Please be aware that your order can become delayed by your country’s Customs authority. If customs does hold your order, pending import duties and taxes may become applicable and they could hold your order for up to 14 days before you are notified. While we understand any inconvenience this may cause, please compensate for possible delays by placing your order in advance.


Please see our Shipping & Return Policy

Payment Options

Payment options will vary dependent upon the country from which your order is placed. When checking out, you will be presented with all available options for your region.

For other payment options please contact us by email and we may be able to assist with alternatives for your country.
All medicines have risks and benefits, and individual results may vary. Only purchase medicines from this site in accordance with the advice you have obtained from an appropriate medical professional.
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